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A team of experts is hiding behind each of our solutions

The Reoliñ project is born from a combo of skills, field experiences and aspirations. It is an adventure of entrepreneurship taken with pride and reason.
Behind the name, you will find a strong group of passionate and skilled friends, each in their own field. Their moto : a healthy business with respect for people, projects and territories.

Reoliñ is born and grown in Brittany (France) and is strongly attached to its birth place. Nevertheless it doesn’t stop us from travelling the country and the world…


Success comes along with a good preparation : support is always included in all our offers.
We study carefully your feedback and implement it in regular updates for the benefit of all users.
We are ourselves involved with several festivals. We know what we talk about and we think as organizers.
As far as we can, our company works with the local economy and favours social and solidarity actions.


Breton verb which means
to manage, to control, to master.


Reoliñ is an affiliate of Eliasis. Born in 2005, Eliasis creates and develops Customer management and Service Desk solutions for many companies which became trusted clients such as BNP Paribas, Yves Rocher, Conseil Départemental d’Ille et Vilaine, Manitou, CHU de Rennes, Communauté de Communes de Seine Saint Denis, Pomona…


Gaëlle Duquenne
Founder - CEO
+33 (0)6 51 44 19 91
Xavier Garcia
Founder - CTO
Benjamin Duquenne
Management, Administration
Nicolas Denos
IT Development
Céline Rostaing
Project Monitoring
Luc Duquenne
Reporting, Monitoring
Franck Morin
PR & Communication