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REOLIÑ budget

Budget projection & follow-up

Budgeting is the key for a financially successful event. Reoliñ Budget gives you the opportunity to confidently delegate your budget to your sectional managers while keeping a vigilant look at all expenses incurred.

Keep your eye on it!

To delegate a budget to your coworkers while controlling expenses ? It is possible ! 


Budgets are delegated while respecting a strict validation protocol.
The number of your budgets and sub-budgets is unlimited. Your financials are perfectly managed globally and in detail.
Designed to ease your work, the navigation and the structuration of the software are simple and logical for an immediate use.


Budget Management

  • You establish the global structure of your budget and define sectional budgets and sub-budgets
  • You allocate certains amounts to your budgets, then to your sub-budgets, while keeping some flexibility with a budgetary reserve
  • The designated budget manager fill in his/her allocated sub-budget with budgetary lines
  • You visualize the implementation of each budget or sub-budget thanks to an entirely customizable dashboard

Budgetary follow-up

  • Each budgetary line has a status which goes from “projected” to “Payed invoice” allowing a step-by-step follow-up of the expenditures incurred,
  • You can edit an purchase order – customized with your data (adress, logo, etc.) – for each budget line,
  • Every document received can be attached to its corresponding budgetary line (quotation, invoice…),
  • You can match each budgetary line with its corresponding reference in your accounting books,
  • You can search for any operation, document, budgetary line thanks to the advanced search feature.


  • The delta spread between projected and incurred expenditures is automatically calculated, allowing a close follow-up,
  • Exceeding of a budget is locked unless it is authorized expressly by the admin whom has solely decision-making power (increase of the budget through the budgetary reserve or transfer from another budget),
  • You are warned with anomalies (invoices not received, invoices not paid, etc.) that you can check out through your dashboard,
  • All operations follow a strict validation process via email,
  • A potential litigation with a supplier can be reported on a budgetary line,
  • All operations are registered with their author and time stamp,
  • You can use existing profiles (admin, user, viewer) or customize another one to compartmentalize access to data and sensitive informations.

Purchase management

  • You manage a supplier directory listing all necessary informations (contact, banking informations…),
  • You manage a product catalogue easing data entry on purchase orders.


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